Next Meeting Information: 

March's meeting & AGM is coming up on Tuesday March 5th, from 7:00pm - 9:00pm.

It will be held at a member's home in Surrey near 65th  Avenue & 193B Street.

Membership fees have been reduced for anyone joining now for the rest

of our club year (until end of June) and are $25.

If you are not yet a member and are interested in coming to a meeting to check us out, or for more details about what membership entails, please don't hesitate to contact our

Membership Coordinator, Hali Bligh,

We always welcome new members and would love to meet you!

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Why Join a Twins (or Multiples) Support Group?

Membership in a twins (or multiples) support group connects you to terrific resources for both new and seasoned multiples parents.
Learning you are having twins, triplets, or more is very exciting, yet overwhelming news. You quickly realize that you have a lot to do to prepare, and yet, you don’t know where to begin. For others, they’ve been in the trenches a while, but feel the isolation that sometimes comes with the day in and day out care of young multiples. That is where a twins/multiples support group shines.

1. Information. For most twins clubs, their primary mission is to educate their members. This is the place to come to learn what you need to do to care for twins, triplets, or more, of all ages.

2. Understanding. No one can relate to the challenges of having multiples like another family who has “been there, done that.”

3. Connections. Having multiples is sometimes isolating. Parents of multiples often have their heads down, grinding it out, for at least the first six months. A multiples group can go a long ways to relieving that feeling of isolation.

4. Web Resources. Many twin clubs have vibrant online communities. This allows parents to take part with others in all seasons of twin parenthood (some who have been there done that… some who are currently struggling in the first few months).

5. Consignment Sale. Often twins groups feature a consignment sale or clothing exchange. These are especially helpful when making your first investment in equipment for raising your multiples. After you’ve moved on, you can select those items in good working condition, clean them up, and pass them along to another family.

6. Playdates. Twins clubs often feature age related playgroups. These are great for the kids, but are fabulous for the moms (and dads) — to begin making those connections with other multiples families.

7. Member Meetings. Twins groups offer monthly support meetings, where you can interact with other members, and which often feature guest speakers on topics pulled from the struggles of raising twins.

8. Direct Support. Mentoring Program — experienced multiples parents paired up with new multiples parents.

9. Events. Twins clubs have great events — where those attending know what it is like, and people are ready to give a helping hand. Moms know that it is difficult to watch all the kids at once, so everyone watches out for each other’s kids: 
◦Moms’ activities: book club, wine club, socials, get acquainted tea, Mother’s Day Teas, mom’s night out
◦Dad’s activities: poker night, sports, dad’s night out
◦Family Activities: picnics, parties (holiday themed, spring egg hunt, etc.), camping, social events for school aged kids.

Joining a twins/multiples group is a no-brainer. Cost is very reasonable for a full year’s worth of activities and support. You can choose where and when you will take part. As with anything, the more active you are — the more benefits you will receive in the form of friendships and support.

Contact our club directly for membership inquiries at or at



Fraser Valley

Multiple Miracles Association

Expecting Moms


​Expecting Twins, Triplets or More
Helpful Hints for Expectant Parents

Seek good prenatal care. This is extremely important due to the tendency towards toxemia, anemia, premature delivery and other possible complications.

You will need a lot of rest as a multiple pregnancy is likely to be more uncomfortable and may require frequent and longer rest periods.

Meet your prospective pediatrician to discuss potential problems and concerns.

Attend a baby care prenatal class if they are to be your first babies.

Take time to organize your family and home. Start making mutual plans as the care of multiple birth children should be a joint responsibility of mother and father. Be sure to include all family members in planning these goals.

Plan one room to care for the babies. Furnishings should be sturdy, easy to clean and safe.

Ensure that you and your spouse can spend time away from the children - you’ll need the break!


Monthly meetings from September to June, location usually announced a few weeks before the meeting and posted on the website and Facebook pages.

Special outings and family events are planned throughout the year.   

Please email us for more details at or see our Facebook Group Page. 


Membership has its privileges. We offer support services through monthly meetings, guest speakers, newsletters, friendship and other special events for our members and their families in the Fraser Valley area. 

$40 per year if paid by September meeting
$45 per year if paid September - December
$25 if joining after January 1st
First year of membership will be given free to:      

a) families blessed with triplets or more;

b) families fortunate to have a second set of multiples;

c) families who have suffered the loss of a multiple. 

When: Usually in first week of every month, except for July and August, at 7:00pm. Location is posted on our website and on our Facebook Member Page.

Where: Location changes from month to month. Please contact us for details if you wish to join us!


December and June meetings are held at a member’s home - for our summer and Christmas socials.

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